A New Profound Respect for People that Work With Their Hands

Over the past few years, I’ve picked up a couple new hobbies–farming and furniture building. The learning curve has been pretty steep: we made a lot of mistakes our first time around in gardening, and are just now, three years into it, beginning to grasp some of the most basic concepts. Furniture building has been similar–I’ve had to learn a lot of things simply by trial and error, along with asking lots of questions and getting informed answers from people far more skilled than me.

But I’ve learned a lot. I now know how to double dig a bed for vegetables, transplant seedlings, fight slugs, properly space plants, harvest potatoes, rotate crops, and a whole host of other farming skills. I also now know how to use a router, a miter saw, a table saw, a pocket hole jig, set the torque settings on a cordless driver, a biscuit joiner, and all sorts of other woodworking skills. I think I’m also in better shape too!

Along the way, I’ve developed a new, profound respect for farmers and craftsmen. People who make their living off growing and selling produce. People who design and build quality furniture. People who can actually conceive of and build stuff. Props to these folks. Don’t take that food you’re eating or that chair you’re building on for granted. Someone worked really hard for that.

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