We Shouldn’t Need the Terms “Fair Trade” and “Organic”

All the rage right now—especially in places like San Francisco—are organic and fair trade foods. Take a stroll through your local supermarket and you’ll find sections dedicated to organic fruits and vegetables, organic tea options, fair trade teas, coffees, and chocolates, organic milk, or hormone-free organic chicken. “Organic” means you’re getting healthy, wholesome foods that were . . . → Read More: We Shouldn’t Need the Terms “Fair Trade” and “Organic”

Treating People Like People

I went to the lumber yard recently to pick up some wood in my attempt to build patio furniture, and I had a fascinating experience–they treated me just like any other customer. Now you have to imagine me in a big, industrial lumber yard in khakis and a hooded sweatshirt, looking like anything but a craftsman, . . . → Read More: Treating People Like People