Book Review: Hearing God’s Words (Part One)

Part One: Why I Chose This Book

In this particular season of my life—raising two kids with my wife, working downtown, being a part of a church community, farming in the backyard, networking with other churches, and everything in between—I’ve felt called to live out and pursue this idea of “sustainable spirituality.” Essentially, how in the world . . . → Read More: Book Review: Hearing God’s Words (Part One)

Sacred Stuff in the OT

I came across a really insightful passage from Peter Adam’s Hearing God’s Words on the bus today, regarding the nature of sacred things as reflected in the Old Testament. In my pursuit of understanding sustainable spirituality, one of the barriers that must be broken through is the false dichotomy between sacred and secular. I don’t think . . . → Read More: Sacred Stuff in the OT

Defining “Spirituality”

Spirituality is a pretty widespread term these days, sort of a catch-all for anything ranging from traditional religion to practices or disciplines like meditation, prayer, giving, and fasting. Since I’m exploring what sustainable spirituality is and looks like, I thought it would be important to start with at least some working definition of what I mean . . . → Read More: Defining “Spirituality”

Blomberg on Economic Paradise

“Ironically, the very economic paradise that so many are trying to create in our modern West apart from the Christian world-view is precisely what the Bible concludes by offering people in an unlimited and eternal context, but always on God’s terms (Rev. 21-22). Revelation, and thus Scripture in its entirety, concludes not with the pictures of . . . → Read More: Blomberg on Economic Paradise

Jesus’ Parables and God’s Intended Design

“Jesus through his parables teaches that God’s dynamic reign has broken into human history through his person and ministry in a new and decisive way and that God intends to create a new community of his people who model, at least in part in the present, what God intends for all humanity and what he will . . . → Read More: Jesus’ Parables and God’s Intended Design