Dirt and Spirituality

Transplanting wheat seedlings at dawn

Our family has really dived in to our backyard urban mini-farm – we’ve been spending many hours prepping the land, hunched over Excel spreadsheets, and getting up many days in a row at dawn to plant seedlings before the kids get up. One of the key parts of sustainable agriculture is . . . → Read More: Dirt and Spirituality

Sacred Stuff in the OT

I came across a really insightful passage from Peter Adam’s Hearing God’s Words on the bus today, regarding the nature of sacred things as reflected in the Old Testament. In my pursuit of understanding sustainable spirituality, one of the barriers that must be broken through is the false dichotomy between sacred and secular. I don’t think . . . → Read More: Sacred Stuff in the OT

A New Project: Spiritual Sustainability in a Frenetic Age

The pace of life in San Francisco (and the Bay Area) can be intense. No doubt about it. Here, in the land of long work hours, a plethora of activities, and boundless choices for everything from hobbies to church to schools to food to transportation, you can simply get swallowed by it all. Typically the question . . . → Read More: A New Project: Spiritual Sustainability in a Frenetic Age