The Wonder of Family Unstructured Time

A big part of our pursuit of sustainable living here in San Francisco has been simplicity. That has meant a concerted effort to ask whether or not something we do or participate in is essential, and whether or not it’s life-giving for us. It’s been a good process.

One of the key lessons that we’ve picked up . . . → Read More: The Wonder of Family Unstructured Time

Using Every Pocket of Time

When dealing with questions of sustainability, the most common restricting factor is a simple lack of resources. In the realm of spiritual vitality–as it is in many other arenas–time is probably the most precious commodity. So in a world where many people scarcely have time to sit down for a nice, calm meal, how can we . . . → Read More: Using Every Pocket of Time

God and Time

This post was prompted by reading a post over at Storied Theology entitled “Time, Lord?” I dug up a short paper I wrote about it in my feeble attempt to understand how God and time work. For what it’s worth, one of my favorite movies of all time is Back to the Future, and my favorite Star . . . → Read More: God and Time