A Hat in Bergen

One from the archives – back in 2004, in the film days, I was in Scandanavia, and probably my favorite town that we visited was Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. During that trip I managed to mess up my 35mm Nikon, to the point where I had to manually rewind the film (by standing . . . → Read More: A Hat in Bergen

Friday’s Flip Book (10/22/10): Back Behind the Lens

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to push myself back into art, which in my case is photography. For that reason, for this Friday’s collection of links, I wanted to highlight a few talented photographer friends of mine…check out their stuff!

I’ve known Lee for close to eight years now, and have always appreciated his . . . → Read More: Friday’s Flip Book (10/22/10): Back Behind the Lens

Monk in Taiwanese Fish Market

Monk in Taiwanese Fish Market, Nikon D70s, . . . → Read More: Monk in Taiwanese Fish Market

Play ball!

We went to see Japanese Baseball tonight, the Hanshin Tigers of Osaka against the Yakult Swallows of Tokyo. Man, what an experience! The fans are all synchronized with all sorts of rhythyms and beats and chants, and with the exception of a small section, the ENTIRE stadium was wearing yellow and black (Tigers colors) . . . → Read More: Play ball!


I *love* sashimi. Especially when it comes from the Tokyo fish market at 9 in the morning. By far, the best tuna sashimi I’ve ever had.

Maguro Don, Nikon D70s, 17-35mm f/2.8D, photo . . . → Read More: Sashimi